Food Writer.  Food Stylist.

Aoife is a food writer for The Irish Times and Totally Dublin Magazine. 

Aoife started a blog called I Can Has Cook? in 2009. Soon after, she began writing about food for national publications. She is a proud member of The Irish Food Writers' Guild. She writes a regular column for The Irish Times Magazine entitled Now We Know, answering the questions about food you didn't even know you had. You can read some of her work here

Photograph by Mark Duggan.

Photograph by Mark Duggan.

Aoife also works as a food stylist for digital, print and TV campaigns.

She co-founded the recipe video and photography site forkful in 2012 alongside photographer and videographer Mark Duggan. Since then, she has worked as a food stylist for brands including Follain, Glenisk, Lidl and Aldi, including making sure the breakfast table looked natural yet beautiful in this TV ad featuring Paul O'Connell.